Ichabod Crane has a temper problem, an unflagging faith in himself, and a blindspot where his wife is concerned.

Abbie Mills is suffering from PTSD and is practical (perhaps even ruthless) to a fault.

Jenny Mills is a mental patient with abandonment issues and a fondness for firearms.

Frank Irving is a man way out of his depth and looking for the slightest life raft.

These are your heroes, ladies and gentlemen. And that is why I love the show: For the deeply beautiful flaws in our characters. 


How are they gonna get the info from Katrina? Did she get her ill-timed dream sharing ability back? Is that what happened? Or are they gonna have to bust in there every time to get info? Like Headless ain’t blind, I’m mean he won’t even there and he knows that Ichabod gonna put Abbie before Katrina. Like two miles before her.


So then Nick is gonna show up at exactly the worst time in Ichabbie’s relationship. 


Trollando Tweets SH 2x02: Ship Version (EST).

Okay but where was this passionate kiss tho?


I saw a kiss, and it was like messy as fuck. That was not passionate. And why the hell did it take like 15 minutes of them talking before that dry ass kiss anyways. Why did they not hug when he came in into the building and saw Katrina. Where the hell was the urgency????? Why was there more passion in a fucking Ichabbie hug. A hug than a kiss. One by supposed true loves. Tell me because I don’t know. 



So, real quick, slow clap for Abraham for dropping truth on Katrina about Ichabod and Abbie. He straight up dropped facts, everything this fandom has been saying about Ichabbie. I was an Abraham fangirl for like 2.5 seconds.

But for real, they raise this monster from the dead that they had no…


the amount of eyerolling that went on during the Ichabod and Katrina kiss was unreal

From that day forth…


Irving read every single line in all future contracts. Including the 32 page customer warranty for his cell phone, the updates on his ipod apps, and the FBI warning on the DVD menu screens.


This episode is a very good PSA for the importance of reading EULAs. Because you may think you’re agreeing to use iTunes but you could also potentially be signing away your soul to Moloch. You just never know.

Okay so umm...


Rescuing Katrina literally:

  • damaged the relationship between the witnesses because Abbie can’t rely on Ichabod to do the right thing when it comes to saving the world and Ichabod just can’t think straight at all.
  • damaged the already frail relationship between Abbie and Jenny because Abbie…